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2020/02/25 来源:中国包装联合会


       2020年2月-–为了履行其“通过更好的包装为更多人提供更优质的生活质量”的使命,世界包装组织(WPO–主席皮埃尔·皮纳尔(Pierre Pienaar)在成员中发起鼓励成员帮助中国抗击新冠肺炎疫情的行动。 “ WPO因其全球网络在世界上具有复大影响力。在与我们的中国成员,中国包装联合会(CPF)、中国出口商品包装研究所(CEPI)和世界包装中心(GPC)联系后,我们决定摘取一些行动。”




       “ WPO不仅与包装有关”,皮埃尔表示,“WPO在各国和人民需要帮助的时候也积极为他们提供支持。”他说,WPO是一个非营利性国际机构,致力于促进包装行业发展,从而为解决各个领域的全球挑战提供便利。“




WPO members join forces to help China avoid Coronavirus


February 2020 – In line with its mission ‘Better quality of life through better packaging for more people’, WPO (World Packaging Organisation – ) President, Pierre Pienaar, started a campaign among members to check how best some countries could contribute with the crises in China due to the advance of the Coronavirus. “WPO has significant influence through its global network. After being contacted by our members in China, CPF (China Packaging Federation) , CEPI (China Nat'l Export Commodities Packaging Research Institute) and GPC, we decided to take some action.”


The immediate result was the mobilisation of Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine and Brazil in finding some suppliers for masks, protective clothing and gloves which they were able to export to China. “All efforts worked very well and the immediate demand was satisfied”, celebrates Pierre. According to the WPO Chinese members, remarkable local help came from Alibaba that offered fast and safe logistics to distribute the imported items.


WPO is not only about packaging; it is also about helping people and/or assisting countries in times of need”, states Pierre. He also reminds that WPO is a non-profit international body focused in promoting network that facilitates solutions for global challenges in all areas.

For more information:

Liliam Benzi

WPO Press & Communication Officer

 (+ 55 11) 99989-1597 


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